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Tea Brewer
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LU YU Automatic Tea Brewer

A 21st century tea brewer allows you to make perfect tea.

Anytime; anywhere!

The tea brewer provides for the most important aspects of making good tea ... brewing time and tea/water ratio

     TX-9 Video Demo        


TX-9                                                   TX-1                                                      99055   


             TX-1L                                  TX-3                                          TR005                               TX-SBC     


Lu Yu Tea Brewer                patent # US 6,276,262 & US D450, 522



Special Characteristics:

Using scientific methods, this automatic tea brewer works by creating a controlled rate of flow. The tea is steeped for precisely the right amount of time insuring a smooth and healthful drink without any bitterness or astringency.

          Also, the “Lu Yu” tea brewer provides an easy method of measuring the correct amount of tea and water for the perfect cup.

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